New Program Helps Sixteen-Year-Old Autistic Boy Talk

Connie Bauer has been trying many different therapies to help her 16-year-old son, Paul, since he was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. Her child still could not communicate or function properly in the world until he completed a 10-hour accelerated sensory integration program at The Block Center in Hurst, Texas.

Before that he only seemed to speak what his mother calls gibberish or repetitive phases. “No one could understand him,” Bauer explained. Trying to communicate with Paul was frustrating for all of us.” But that began to change when Paul participated in the Clarity Chair at The Block Center.

SAVE stands for Sensory-motor Auditory Visual Education, a program developed by Dr. Mary Ann Block, the founder and Medical Director of the center. It is an accelerated sensory integration program that combines three proven treatments for sensory-motor, auditory and visual development.  “We have seen excellent results with children of all ages and even adults who have been diagnosed with Autism, Asperger’s and with attention, focus and behavioral symptoms,” Dr. Block said.

Paul started talking before he finished the program and he continues to improve. “Paul’s teacher told me that he is talking more and more and that she understands what he is saying now,” Bauer said.

Paul is also processing and understanding better. On a recent trip to the mall, Paul surprised his mother when he walked up to the attendant at a carousel and asked how much it would cost to ride it.  “He’s never done anything like that before. He did not have the ability. Instead, he would have just tried to get on the ride without any thought that communication with someone was needed,” she said. Bauer says she is very excited about the results and now feels hopeful about her son’s future and potential.

For more information on the Clarity Chair or to interview Dr. Mary Ann Block and Connie Bauer and meet Paul, contact The Block Center

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Dr. Mary Ann Block is Medical Director of The Block Center, an international clinic for the treatment of chronic health problems in children and adults. She is an international expert on the treatment of ADHD without psychiatric drugs. Her approach is to look for and treat the underlying problem instead of covering the symptoms with drugs.

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