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Message From Dr. Mary Ann Block

Did you know that ADHD symptoms can be treated successfully, without drugs? If your child has been prescribed drugs for ADHD without a thorough medical and educational evaluation, and you want him/her to be able to sit still, focus, concentrate, behave, go to college and have the future s/he deserves without drugs, The Block Center Program might be right for you.

Children and Adolescents With ADHD

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Complete Fewer Years of School
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Graduate From High School at a Lower Rate
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Are Less Likely to Go to College
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Underperform in Both Educational and Occupational Settings (Journal of Family Medicine, 2011)
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Do Not Get Well on Psychiatric Drugs
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Do Not Have a Brain Disorder
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Are More Likely to Use Street Drugs
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May Have Allergies and Low Blood Sugar Causing Their ADHD symptoms

Mary Ann Block Speaks About ADHD

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed With ADHD?

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Has Medication Not Helped or Caused Side Effects?
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Was Your Child Diagnosed Without a Thorough Medical & Educational Evaluation?
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Are You Concerned About Potential Side Effects to ADHD Drugs?
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Would You Like Your Child Helped Without Medication?
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Do You Feel Your Child Is Not Reaching His/Her Potential?

Frequently Asked Questions

ADHD is a subjective psychiatric label. There is no test to prove someone has it. A Check List is used to make the diagnosis. That's why I prefer to find the underlying medical or educational causes of the symptoms. This way, you avoid a psych label and a psych drug which come with a host of serious and life-threatening side effects.

There are remedies for the actual causes of the symptoms called ADHD. Diet changes, nutritional supplements and correcting the learning problems can go a long way to correct the symptoms

Because ADHD is a subjective, psychiatric disorder, I do not consider it a real diagnosis. People who manifest the symptoms that are called ADHS often have trouble with focus and concentration and sometimes with reading, listening and good behavior.

Conditions that actually cause the symptoms called ADHD include a diet high in carbohydrates, lack of more frequent protein, nutritional support, learning problems, allergies and other medical conditions like anemia or Hypothyroidism.

By finding the cause and fixing of the lack of focus, a child can easily focus.

Children do not outgrow ADHD. It is not something to outgrow. Some symptoms will change with age and manifetg differently, but the basic problem is still there.

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