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Yes, I do. Any of the symptoms attributed to ADHD can be from learning disabilities or processing problems.

Teachers are often over worked and under paid. They have been taught that drugging kids is helpful. They do it out of caring for the child but they do it with misinformation. Too often they learn about drugging kids when they do student teaching so it is a pattern that gets handed down from teacher to teacher. They might see a child stop fiddling or moving around and seem to focus better but because they are not doctors they know nothing about the potential side effects which can include sudden death. Teachers often think a child who is struggling has ADHD instead of considering other underlying problems such as diet, problems in the home, allergies and other medical and educational issues. ESL kids may have the same problem with teachers as the teacher may misconstrue their inability to learn to ADHD instead of not understanding the language.

Any age and usually by teachers, but more often in elementary school.

The most serious of course, is death from a drug that should never have been prescribed at all. Go to and see for yourself.

Don’t let it happen at all. Don’t allow anyone to give them that label. Don’t let anyone “test” their child for it since there is no objective test. When parents told the teacher that their child was taking ADHD drugs, but actually did not give them to the child at all, 90% of the time the teachers thought the child was better just because they thought the child was taking a drug. It looks like a placebo for the teacher to me.

In my opinion, it should never be done. ADHD is simply a subjective psychiatric label. There is no objective test for it. The teachers and parents fill out a check list of symptoms. No lab is drawn, no physical exam is usually performed. Most doctors just look at the check list and give the diagnosis and a prescription for a drug. No where else in medicine does this occur. To diagnose someone with hypertension, the doctor takes the blood pressure. It is an objective test. To diagnose someone with diabetes, the doctor draws blood. It is an objective test. Only psychiatric diagnoses lack objectivity.

Any kind. They can have auditory and visual processing problems, dyslexia, dysgraphia.

ADHD is a subjective psychiatric label. There is no test to prove someone has it. A Check List is used to make the diagnosis. That's why I prefer to find the underlying medical or educational causes of the symptoms. This way, you avoid a psych label and a psych drug which come with a host of serious and life-threatening side effects.

There are remedies for the actual causes of the symptoms called ADHD. Diet changes, nutritional supplements and correcting the learning problems can go a long way to correct the symptoms.

Because ADHD is a subjective, psychiatric disorder, I do not consider it a real diagnosis. People who manifest the symptoms that are called ADHS often have trouble with focus and concentration and sometimes with reading, listening and good behavior.

Conditions that actually cause the symptoms called ADHD include a diet high in carbohydrates, lack of more pro nutritional support, learning problems, allergies and other medical conditions like anemia or Hypothyroidism.

By finding the cause and fixing of the lack of focus, a child can easily focus.

Children do not outgrow ADHD. It is not something to outgrow. Some symptoms will change with age and manifetg differently, but the basic problem is still there.

I find the most feeling of anxiousness is caused by a poor diet. Too many carbohydrates, infrequent protein in the diet can cause the release of adrenaline, which makes you feel anxious.

Change their diet

Depends on the drug. It is better to find and treat the actual cause than to just cover symptoms with drugs.

The idea of the chemical imbalance in the brain is off track. We cannot measure the chemicals in the brain. Our neurochemicals change constantly. If we smile, they change, if we frown, they change. We are constantly causing a chemical imbalance in our neurotransmitters. There are medical causes as well. Hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, allergies, anemia all cause chemical imbalances. The treatment is not a drug but to balance the conditions that are found.

Can You Cure Anxiety Without Medication?

Changing the diet and evaluating allergies is what I find helps the most often.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of symptoms that are considered psychiatric in nature but really are not. Children diagnosed with ASD often regressed to stop speaking, do not make eye contact, have difficulty with being touched. There is a list of symptoms, just like ADHD. But there is no actual test to prove someone has ASD. It is important to find the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than just give someone a label and a drug.

While many say they do not know what causes ASD there are over 100 studies that tie vaccine use to ASD. many parents will tell how their child was perfectly normal, speaking and after a set vaccine, all that went away.

Many symptoms, but most lack speech, don't make eye contact and do self-stimulating behaviors such as "flapping hands".

Find a doctor who will try to find the cause and fix the underlying causes. I have brought many diagnosed with ASD, back to normal.

ASD and ADHD are on a continuum. The symptoms have many of the same underlying causes. ASD is just more4 severe.

It is possible, It can take a lot of work, trying to find the cause and fix it, but I have treated many successfully.

It depends on what they did. You always want them to be safe. The discipline that ensures safety is first and foremost.

Every child is different but most will need to treat their allergies, the gut, their diet and any other medical conditions they have.

Most ear infections are caused by allergies. Dairy (cow's milk) is the most common allergen that causes ear infections.

The allergies cause inflammation in the eustachian tube, preventing fluid from draining from the ear. The fluid becomes trapped and the moist, warm area in the ear allows for bacteria and viruses to grow. If the fluid can move down the eustachian tube, their will be no infections.

The best way to treat ear infections is not with antibiotics. Studies found that the sooner an antibiotic was used for an ear infection, the longer they last and more they will return. That's why I developed the DVD, Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections without Antibiotics.

I don't believe I have ever seen an ear infection in an unvaccinated infant. Three vaccines list ear infections as side effects so a vaccinated child is more likely to have an ear infection. With an infant is important to not let a fever get out of control. many parents have started the message that is on my DVD, Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections without Antibiotics, and never had to see the doctor.

An untreated ear infection will take about a week to clear up. Using my treatment, it usually clears up very quickly.

I treat adult ear infections the same way as children.

One week, usually. They clear up faster without antibiotics.

There are medications, but it is important to know what you are allergic to so you can decide if you can avoid it rather than taking medication.

Yes, mold can cause allergies and asthma.

Usually, you can play sports. Injectable magnesium relaxes the bronchioles, stopping asthma from occurring

Some asthma might go away and some might get worse.

If you can find the cause of your asthma and avoid it, asthma will go away.

Most studies find that eating less carbohydrates and more frequent protein, works the best. Following this type of eating plan is easier and less stressful as well.

When you first start the eating plan, what comes off first is water weight. Food allergies can increase this water weight so t is important to know what you are allergic to before you start.

Finding a weight loss program that is right for you may be hard. It should be one that is not just a diet but a lifestyle change that can continue forever.

That will be determined through an evaluation.

Water weight will come off the easiest and fastest. It is best to lose "fat" weight slowly, about 2-3 pounds per week to keep it off


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