Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The diagnosis of Autism can be devastating to a family. The child you saw developing neurotypically, is now in another world. The Block Center wants you to know there is hope as The Block Center has helped many Autistic children return to neurotypical.

About Dr. Block

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    Has Helped Many Children on the Autism Spectrum Return to Neurotypical

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    Is a Generation Rescue Physician

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    Has Lectured at DAN Conferences

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    Has Devoted the Last 20 Years to Helping Families Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder

Did You Know?

Are Allergies Causing Your Child's Behavior Problems?

Clarity Chair

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    Recovery Often Takes a Comprehensive Medical & Educational Program

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    There Is a Genetic Component to Autism

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    Many Children Have Started Talking With the One-Week Clarity Chair at the Block Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of symptoms that are considered psychiatric in nature but really are not. Children diagnosed with ASD often regressed to stop speaking, do not make eye contact, have difficulty with being touched. There is a list of symptoms, just like ADHD. But there is no actual test to prove someone has ASD. It is important to find the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than just give someone a label and a drug.

Many symptoms, but most lack speech, don't make eye contact and do self-stimulating behaviors such as "flapping hands".

Find a doctor who will try to find the cause and fix the underlying causes. I have brought many diagnosed with ASD, back to normal.

ASD and ADHD are on a continuum. The symptoms have many of the same underlying causes. ASD is just more severe.

It is possible, It can take a lot of work, trying to find the cause and fix it, but I have treated many successfully.

It depends on what they did. You always want them to be safe. The discipline that ensures safety is first and foremost.

Every child is different but most will need to treat their allergies, the gut, their diet and any other medical conditions they have.

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