Depression And Allergies

Depression And Allergies

Neuropsychologist Paul Marshall says that unless a person’s allergies are treated, depression will remain. He also states that allergies are often overlooked by psychotherapists as a cause of depression. This does not surprise me as psychotherapists are not physicians and would not have the medical training to alert them to allergies as a cause of depression. However, psychiatrists are physicians, so they should know to look for these medical conditions. He writes that those with allergies and depression should get allergy shots or avoid their allergens. “If not, they may never recover fully from either.” (Marshall PS et al. Effects of seasonal allergic rhinitis on fatigue levels and mood. Psychosom Med 2002 Jul/Aug; 64:684-9.)

There are many references in the medical literature to an association between depression and allergies. So many references, in fact, that it really shocks me that more doctors do not evaluate their patients for allergies before labeling them with depression and prescribing antidepressants.

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