Diet Delivered Best Post-Diagnosis Diabetes Control

Family Practice News 7/2011: My first comment to this headline is, “DUH!” I don’t really understand why a study was necessary to come to this conclusion. It is a well-known fact that all Type II Diabetes (adult onset) can be completely eliminated with diet and exercise. What always amazes me is that doctors do not talk to their diabetic patients about this. I have seen so many people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, prescribed a drug and never had a discussion with their doctor about diet and exercise. Some doctors have even told me that their patients won’t follow a diet and exercise routine so they don’t bother giving them the option.

I think every patient should be told that Type II diabetes can be reversed with diet and exercise. Even though some people will take the “easy way out”, others will want to follow the proper diet and exercise plan. It is not up to the doctor to decide which patient will choose a drug. Informed consent means every patient is told every option. The “easy way out” may not be so easy. According to this study, better glucose control was found with the diet, not with the pills or insulin. If there is better marketing control there will be fewer if any, side effects from poor control, such as blindness, loss of limbs and other neurological damage. In this study, initially diet alone was used. However, the group who had less diet intervention was more likely to be prescribed medication for better control.

If the cause of Type II diabetes is poor diet and exercise then the treatment should be diet and exercise. At The Block Center the goal is always to Find the Cause and Fix the Problem, Not Just Cover Symptoms with Drugs.

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Dr. Mary Ann Block is Medical Director of The Block Center, an international clinic for the treatment of chronic health problems in children and adults. She is an international expert on the treatment of ADHD without psychiatric drugs. Her approach is to look for and treat the underlying problem instead of covering the symptoms with drugs.

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