ADHD Drugs in Short Supply

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) sets manufacturing quotas for controlled substances like Ritalin, Adderall, and Focalin and is concerned about the abuse of these ADHD drugs by teens and college students.

This limits how many drugs from a certain class that drug companies can make and sell. So they may try to maximize profits by marketing and selling the newer patented drugs rather than generic ones that cost less.

This has created a smaller supply of the generic ADHD drugs that so many children are taking.

Because these ADHD drugs are class II controlled and addictive, withdrawal from them must be done gradually and under a doctor’s supervision and Dr. Mary Ann Block says they should not be used in children at all.

Dr. Block has successfully treated thousands of children and adults labeled ADHD, without using drugs and is the author of No More ADHD and No More Ritalin

With a short supply available, perhaps this is a good time to consider coming off the drugs and finding the real cause of the ADHD symptoms, which can be low blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies, and even allergies.

Watch this amazing video to see the effect of allergies on concentration and behavior at:

Asthma / Allergies

Dr. Mary Ann Block went to medical school at age 39 to save her daughter. What she learned taught her to think “outside the box” and she later cured her mother of terminal lung cancer. She has appeared on The Doctors, CBS’ 48 Hours, CNN, Montel, and many other national and local television and radio shows.

She has authored articles or been interviewed for Better Homes and Garden, Ladies’ Home Journal, Medical Economics, American Journal of Natural Medicine, Nature’s Impact, Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter, Energy Times, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Healthy Answers, Fort Worth Business Press, Money Magazine and Living Without.


In addition to No More ADHD and No More Ritalin, she is the author of Just Because You’re Depressed, Doesn’t Mean You Have Depression, No More Antibiotics, The ABCs of Raising Great Kids, and Today I Will Not Die, the story of her mother’s recovery from the terminal, metastatic lung cancer.

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Dr. Mary Ann Block

Dr. Mary Ann Block is Medical Director of The Block Center, an international clinic for the treatment of chronic health problems in children and adults. She is an international expert on the treatment of ADHD without psychiatric drugs. Her approach is to look for and treat the underlying problem instead of covering the symptoms with drugs.

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