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Did You Know?…

CBS`s 48 Hours did a special on The Block Center`s ADHD Program.

CNN, MSNBC News, The Doctors, Montel, Joe Scarborough, The Joni Show and Extra have asked Dr. Block`s opinion on ADHD and Depression.

Dr. Block testifies at State & Federal Legislative Hearings on ADHD and Depression.

LifeTime Television did a documentary on Dr. Block, the mother who went to medical school to save her child.

Dr. Block discussed her top-selling book, No More Antibiotics, and the ear infection treatment she developed on The Today Show NY, Good Morning Texas, FamilyNet, and Fox News 4

Dr. Block has been interviewed by Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Child, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens and radio and newspapers across the country.

Families from around the world come to The Block Center for treatment for chronic health problems

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