Benefits of The Block Center Non-Drug ADHD Program:

  • Long-term Improvements
  • Finds and Treats the Underlying Cause
  • Doesn’t Just Cover Symptoms with Drugs
  • Prevents the Ongoing Cost of Prescription Medications and drug side effects
  • No Psychiatric Labels
  • No Psychiatric Prescriptions
  • Personal Attention, Evaluation and Treatment
  • Medical Decisions Made with the Physician, not the Insurance Company

Three Program Options:

Option 1

This is the 2-Day Program which includes 2 hours with Dr. Block, Lab Tests (See list below), Histamine Allergy Testing and 2 months of allergy treatment, Auditory & Visual Evaluation, Hearing and Eye Sight
Testing, Breaking Free from ADHD Home Program, Nutritional Supplements for 8 weeks, Immune system program for colds, flu, and ear infections, one follow-up office visit or phone appointment with Dr. Block.
**Clarity Chair not included.

Option 2

Same as Option One, plus the 5-Day Clarity Chair is included. $500.00 saving with Option 2

Option 3

Three: VIP-All-Inclusive 5-Day Program includes everything in options one and two plus every other month shipments of recommended supplements and allergy antigens and every other month phone meetings with Dr. Block for one year