Month: March 2020

Depression and Allergies

Depression And Allergies

March 31, 2020

Neuropsychologist Paul Marshall says that unless a person’s allergies are treated, depression will remain. He also states that allergies are often overlooked by psychotherapists as a cause of depression. This does not surprise me as psychotherapists are not physicians and would not have the medical training to alert them to allergies as a cause of…

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Depression and Nutrients

Depression And Nutrients

March 17, 2020

Depression has also been linked to folate deficiency. Researchers from Tufts University studied 3,000 ethnically diverse subjects ranging in age from fifteen to 39 with no depression to chronic symptoms. Blood tests showed that depressed individuals had folate serum concentrations lower than those with no depression. The lead researcher, Martha Morris, Ph.D. concluded, “Folate supplementation…

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Depression – You’re Not Crazy. Your Doctor’s Just Lazy

March 4, 2020

On the subject of neurological and general medical conditions, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual acknowledges that both “may cause personality changes.” The text goes on to reference “physical examination findings, laboratory findings, and patterns of prevalence and onset,” which would imply that the psychiatrist or other doctor making the diagnosis actually does perform physical exams…

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